Privacy policy

Casino Portorož website was certified by GeoTrust®. Casino Portorož software uses 2048-bit certificate which enables secure data transfer between and its visitors through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256-bit encryption.

Casino Portorož software uses same recommended data protection as banks worldwide, therefore handling data of its users with maximum care and reliability.

The bank as credit card issuer authorises each transaction. Casino Portorož players can overview their transactions in the Transaction History section of My Account.

Safe financial transactions procedures

Players deposit money and withdraw winnings through a secure modern transaction interface. Deposits can be made with payment cards or electronic transfers from a bank account. Banks also verify identity of players and validity of payment cards.

Online Gaming System utilizes a user friendly interface which links all payment systems directly and safely to the financial processor (bank). All payment card data is entered and handled directly by financial processor and completely bypasses our Online Gaming System.

To ensure payment system safety the following procedures and mechanisms are implemented:

  • Online Gaming System enables strict isolated data safekeeping as demanded by current bank regulations;
  • Payment system relies on safe and secure connections with financial processors; likelihood of abuse is minimal, with very good overall system security supervision;
  • Strongest modern protocols are used for payment server communications; payment sessions are encrypted with SSL protocol 256-bit encryption;
  • All payment processing systems use standard and advanced abuse prevention tools, e.g. MasterCard® 3D Secure Code, Verified by Visa®, or sending SMS confirmation code to user's mobile device.

The Cashier works as an interface for communications between payment modules and the banking system. Module connects to financial institutions' payment processing systems which enable safe real time transaction processing.

Online Gaming System customers can use payment cards listed on website. 

Data safekeeping

The online data privacy statement defines Casino Portorož's policy regarding collection, usage and safety of data of registered customers. activity tracking

For statistical purposes we track website usage of anonymous as well as registered users, but we never collect personal details such as name, surname, address, phone number and/or email.

We mainly follow website access through banner and other ads on other sites or through email links.

Casino Portorož uses website cookies technology. Cookie is a small string of data sent from the website which the user is browsing. Browser permanently or temporarily stores this data on user's computer. Cookies are stored with user's consent, although cookies essential to message transmission and providing of services requested by user are stored automatically without user's prior consent.

Data collected at registration

In order to become a registered player every user is required to submit the following personal details:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • street address
  • city of residence
  • postal code
  • phone number

Data collected at registration activation

With confirmation of submitted data the user allows Casino Portorož to process the data and use it for: statistical analysis, customer segmentation, analysis of past behaviour, gameplay, fulfilment of contractual obligations, informing customers about possible service errors, sending of relevant promotions, events invitations, and phone, text and electronic communications.

We're allowed to process this data until we receive cancellation of consent in writing from the person who confirmed the data. Cancellation of consent in writing must be sent to Casino Portorož's address. Regardless of the cancellation Casino Portorož can continue to use the data in order to fulfil contractual obligations to 3rd parties.

Personal data usage

When a user becomes a registered player, we use personal data to provide services the player registered for and to verify player's identity.

Email address usage

We use your email address to send you the following types of messages:

  • periodical notifications of promotional activities,
  • e-news,
  • My Account related notifications,
  • other messages player signed up for.

You can always opt out of promotional offers and other email messages in My Account. related ads

Casino Portorož hires 3rd party companies to place banner and other ads on other websites and also track and report traffic (3rd party ad servers). These companies do not collect personal data nor does Casino Portorož send them any personal data.

3rd party ad servers act upon their own policies regarding data privacy.

You control the ad flow

If you wish not to receive promotional or other informative material via email, check the "Do not send me promotional emails" checkbox in My Account. You can change this freely at any time. safety characteristics

Casino Portorož is well aware of the importance of online safety, hence we continue to improve our measures towards security of personal and confidential data that is being sent over the Internet.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is implemented in all instances of accessing personal data and games.

The SSL technology establishes a sort of private communication that only your personal computer communications system and our communications system can understand. SSL technology encrypts data sent over the Internet between the two systems, which ensures the data is unreadable to any third party or anyone not directly involved in the communication.

Using SSL demands two components: an SSL supported browser and an online server capable of exchanging encryption keys, which enables establishing a safe connection with Casino Portorož web server systems.

SSL usage technological requirements

1. Adequate browser

You need an SSL supported browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 or higher, or Google Chrome. Some older browser versions do not support SSL connections. If you do not have an SSL supporting browser, you can download it from the Internet. We recommend you use only the latest browser versions in order to safely access your personal data online. We also recommend automatic updates with latest browser security upgrades.

2. Adequate Internet Service Provider

Almost all Internet Service Providers offer the SSL connection. If you access Internet through your company's internal connection and you cannot open the secure websites of Casino Portorož with a SSL supported browser, this can be due to your company's firewall settings. Please contact your Internet Service Provider regarding the details of your Internet access.

Username and password

Specific areas on require Username and Password. To deposit money you have to follow the financial processor's security measures which prevent unauthorized use of your payment methods. This way Casino Portorož verifies your identity and allows you exclusive access to your Username and Password protected data.

Be aware that browser software often "remembers" the website you are visiting, meaning the website is stored in the temporary memory on your computer which allows the browser to load the website faster the next time you open it. This temporary storage does not affect the safety of your Username and Password. When you're using public computer to access your data and password protected areas of, always log out and close the browser. This way you will reduce the possibilities of anyone gaining access to your private data.

Connecting to associated websites

Be aware that privacy policies of other websites you connect with through or emails of associated companies can differ from Privacy Policy. To protect your privacy we recommend you to read through the Privacy Policy documents of associated websites you visit. 

User data privacy principles 

Casino Portorož only collects user data required by law or explicitly allowed by user during registration while explaining how the data is used.

Casino Portorož is obliged to keep personal data secure in accordance with current legislation.

Safekeeping of personal data is an important concern of Casino Portorož. All website activities are within the scope of current and binding legislation. Privacy Policy defines handling of information our company acquires about the users of our website.

Casino Portorož will never abuse acquired data. Contact and personal data will never be shared with 3rd parties unless we're required to do so by law.

Casino Portorož will not send unsolicited emails with exception of important transactions related messages. Opting out of our email notifications is quick and easy.

Casino Portorož will use user personal data solely for administrative and technical reasons and in accordance with Pravilnik o prirejanju iger na srečo preko interneta oziroma drugih telekomunikacijskih sredstev (Rules of Organizing Games of Chance over the Internet or Other Communications Devices). By duty Casino Portorož employees are liable to honour the confidentiality of user data and are vowed to confidentiality agreement.

Personal data is always protected from loss, destruction, counterfeit, manipulation, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure.

Data collection is limited to data needed to offer our services, to act in accordance with legal requirements and regulations, and what user explicitly agreed to at registration. We explain the general usage of collected data to our customers and offer them additional clarifications on request.

Expedient data security

Registered user data systems can be accessed only by people who need them to perform their job and fulfil their work obligations to service registered users. Registered user data security is designed to protect data confidentiality and safety.

Registered user data disclosure limitations

We disclose registered user personal (and other) data only when the user explicitly allows us to, or if we are required to do so by law.

Changes to Privacy policy

We reserve the rights to change our Privacy Policy statement.