Responsible gaming – recommendations and warnings

Online games of chance can be a pleasant recreational activity with a touch of adrenaline. The appeal of games of chance is of course in real money play. Players draw excitement from the possibility of a win, although interestingly enough the size of the win does not seem to play the most important role. Investing in games of chance is just one of the many forms of investing in recreational and entertainment activities like going to the movies, visiting concerts, engaging in sporting activities and so on.

Most players consider playing games of chance as complementary to their usual activities and not as a secondary source of income. 


As with any recreational activity it is important that indulging in occasional online playing does not exceed your budget. It is you, the player, who must take responsibility for your own playing and its results!

Practical advices on playing

The investment in playing online games of chance is regarded as paying for entertainment services and is limited by players' financial capabilities. However, such a stake should never be regarded as an investment into solving any sort of personal or financial problems. Despite the fact that big winnings are not that rare in online casinos you should not rely on irrational hope to hit the big win which will suddenly solve all your problems.

Make sure the game remains a game and that your hobby does not end in uncontrolled wagers or even compulsive gambling. To make sure you stay in control of the game, we recommend that you follow these principles religiously when visiting

  • Be conscious of the fact that betting is for your entertainment and does not represent a guaranteed source of income.
  • Set yourself a limit to how much you bet, so in case of a loss your economic situation is not influenced.
  • Limit the time you spend playing online games of chance and do not consider extending this time limit.
  • Stick to your money and time-related limits both when you are losing and winning.
  • Be aware it is more likely you will lose than win, so accept the losses and avoid chasing them.
  • Never wager money from your family budget or to fulfil the financial obligations of your family.
  • Do not take a loan or lend money to carry out bets or other online games.
  • Do not play and bet when you are under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Do not use the possibility of playing online to distract yourself from arguments, disappointments, frustration or problems.
  • Do not neglect or ignore your social environment and take reactions from your partner, members of your family, friends and colleagues at work seriously. They are concerned, not jealous.
  • Do not give up your other leisure activities for it.
  • Do not bet in secret, be honest with yourself and others. If you notice your playing is not about fun and games anymore, make a deal with yourself in take control of your actions. Talk to your friends.
  • If you notice you are playing more frequently than you should, analyse the time you spend playing. If playing is becoming more and more an integral part of your life, if you are breaking your promises to yourself and others, if you are lying to others about your playing, you should seek professional help – contacts are at the bottom of the document. 

Help yourself and others

On this page you can find the descriptions of key behavioural characteristics which can help you – or your friends and family – recognize the signs of problematic behaviour. 

As our player you can take a few simple yet effective steps to prevent problematic gambling. When things are not going your way, set specific limits to your playing or enforce shorter or longer bans. Your account data and preferences are encrypted and stored in a central computer, which does not allow login during the period of the ban. 


You can set daily, weekly and/or monthly bet limits. Open My Account and select Limits. Tick the corresponding checkbox and enter the amount. 

Daily and monthly account block

You can set temporary 24-hour or 30-day blocking of your account. Open My Account and select Self-ban.

24-hour block locks your account for 24 hours after confirmation.

30-day block locks your account for 30 days after the day of confirmation.

The block prevents you from accessing your account from any computer or device, you will also not be able to create a new account. During the time the block is in effect it cannot be revoked.


In compliance with Slovene Gambling Law (ZIS, paragraph 9, UL RS, no. 134/03 – UPB and 108/12) every player in can file in a written request to ban himself from all casino gaming activities for the period of at least 6 months and 3 years at most. Self-ban is in effect in ALL land-based and online casinos in Slovenia. During the time self-ban is in effect it cannot be revoked. Self-ban form can be found here.

Seek help

If you want to talk with a professional about your own problems or those of your friends or family, you can:

  • Visit your personal physician who will advise you on your next step.
  • Write to:
    Nacionalni inštitut za psihoterapijo (The National Institute for Psychotherapy)
    Kidričeva 9
    5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • Call toll-free number of the National Institute for Psychotherapy  
    Phone: 080 27 89 
  • Call
    Slovenia: +386 31 734 728
    Italy: +39 33 8127 1215
    Croatia: +385 91 754 35 34
  • Send a description of your problems or those of others to email:


The decision on whether to take action or not is yours.