Reward points

Reward Points are REAL MONEY Reward points are an ongoing automated reward system for loyal active players. 

Reward points (RPs) are collected automatically, you don't have to do a thing. The gaming system tracks your bets and collects your RPs in the background. For every 10 EUR in real money bets 1 RP is transferred to your account. Every 100 RPs can be converted to 1 EUR real money.  

Check Your Account, tab Account> to see how many RPs you have collected.

The more you play, the more money you get back!


For x amount in bets you get y Reward points which you can convert to z amount of REAL MONEY
1 EUR 0.1 * 0.001 EUR **
10 EUR 1 0.01 EUR **
100 EUR 10 0.1 EUR **
1000 EUR 100 1 EUR

 * Reward points are transferred to your account in whole numbers. Decimals are tracked by the system, but not visible to user.

** Reward points can be converted to whole Euros, conversion to cents is not possible.